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ladyvengeance wrote:

Okay, so I haven't played in about 3 years, back when it was quite easy to get and lose titles. But from the few days I have been playing, this is what I understand:

-Each kill gets you 6 points of fame. 500 points gets you to the next rank.

- 6 points a kill for non-titled persons, and yes 500 pnts per rank.

-When you are killed and you lose fame, you lose 60 points of fame.

- You lose 60 pionts if you are a Hunter and killed, unranked only lose 6.  If you kill a Hunter (solo) you get 60 points. The Higher the rank the greater the win/lose.

-At the start of each season everyone's fame goes back to zero.

- We are still in the testing season, but we all did lose our fame at the start, and yes this is the plan as far as we know.

If this is true, I don't really understand why you lose 10X the fame when you die than if you gain fame. Makes zero sense.

Also, how long is each season? Thanks!

- Not sure yet, nothing is in stone.

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