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Hilt wrote:

Anyone have low level SKs with Reaver?

Inquisitor with Battle Cleric?

Any other classes with that ONE shiny AA goal...

Wanted to gage where they stand with these changes...

I tailored several of my low toons with specific sets of AA. They are not in any way overpowered, and this change breaks their setup and removes some of the fun I have with them. Its not game-breaking quite, but definitely a negative, and doesn't seem to serve any real purpose except to push people through content as fast as possible.

Anyone who finds the low level stuff too easy: its that way because its been nerfed heavily, not because players are more powerful. The nerfing made it easy even before/without a lot of AA, especially if you ran it with a group.

The game was made easy by nerfs to the content, and design changes to level people ever faster because SoE wants to push everyone to 90 as fast as possible.

Ironically, it was being able to burn AA at lower level that kept a lot of us playing the lower content and leveling slowly, and taking on more challenges. I'll still do it, but it does mess up some of my toons and its not as much fun.

Can you power-level and get a ton of AAs? Sure... and this change won't prevent that. The players who do that are already going to be zooming up as fast as they can and trivialize the lower content.

But those of us who liked to lock our toons down low found AA to be a whole lot of fun, and it gave us a series of welcome rewards when we spend days or even weeks between levels.

If you are supporting this change to try and make lower level content relevant and more difficult, AA is the wrong target. SoE needs to slow the leveling and make the content more difficult like it used to be, if that is your goal.

Players can already slow leveling by burning for AA or just turning off XP, but of course that doesn't change the content.

I think a lot of people here have no memory of when the dragons in Antonica and Commonlands would kill you and were to be avoided until you gathered forces for revenge...

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