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As was mentioned, one of the problems is the monk that isn't geared up. If everyone has MC or legendary gear appropriate for their level, and adepts, and all of their inventory slots are filled, then you shouldn't have a problem with your group against heroics. Another difference between the games is that monks aren't as good at tanking as they were in EQ1. I don't think you need to switch to a plate tank per se, but the tank's gear is key.

Now, brawlers do have a harder time finding groups. It's not because they can't tank heroic content. They just aren't as good at it typically so the stigma works against them. I also would not recommend rerolling as a guardian for this reason. If you want the easiest, most widely accepted tank class, you're looking at SK/Zerker/Pally.

But, if you're going to be running with friends all the time, a brawler MT is sufficient. It becomes extremely important that everyone keeps that minimum gear though. And the better the monk's gear is, the better off you'll be.

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