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How many AA? At Level 30, you should be somewhere around 60 AA, and since you have a group, you should probably have a mirror containing a DPS and a Healing spec in it.

Do the tanks know what they are doing or are they new to the game as well?  How are their AA's?  How is their gear?

The thing to remember about tanks is that they are incredibly gear dependant, and worse, you've got two "avoidance" tanks there.  They are gonna get rocked at that level.

The Monk "should" be avoiding for the Bruiser, and probably both in Defensive stances to further increase the amount of avoidance you can squeeze from them.

It's very hard to tell from the information given exactly what's going on.  Is the tank just taking huge damage spikes or is he getting slowly whittled down?  I admit that with the information shared so far, I have more questions than answers.

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