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get more aa. level 90 does not make you ready for T9 heroic content w/o the aa to go with it. Plus, IDK how you thought the game was so easy w/o experiencing hardly any of it.

First, it starts with the 5+ years at EQ1. We all know there are die hard EQ1 fans that wouldn't touch EQ2 with a ten foot poll. A lot of that stems from the belief that EQ2 is too WoWie, and we all know how easy WoW is. Second, the reason I thought it was soo easy, without experiencing hardly any of it (as you so boldly put it), is because I am new. I don't exactly know "how much" I have yet to experience. Hence, the belief that it was a joke.

And thank you all for your advice. I will work on AA's, though I am still not sure the best way to go about getting them quickly. I will read some posts and make sure that I am using the correct spells. I need to figure out a good routine I guess (i.e. what order to cast spells in, when to debuff/what to debuff, when to bring out the emergency spells, yadda yadda).

Any links to useful write ups on spells to use and not to use would be great. My 4, yes 4, hotbars are all full and I am sure I don't need half the spells I have on there. Just seems like too much to "need" just for a casual group run.

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