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OK, haha. So I just came to EQ2 not long ago from 5 years on a Sham from EQ1. I made a Mystic expecting the game play to be "similar". Well, holy jeebus this healing crap is hard SMILEY First of all, I soloed my toon up to lvl 90 with a melee Mystic build, and had no problems. The mobs were dieing faster than I could pull em, never worried about health, and thought the game to be a joke.

Well, I have just started doing my first mark missions and my group mates are dropping like flies (I think it's bad... about 5-7 individual group members death in a run) I am casting like crazy, seriously never stopping casting (and frankly it's not that fun to have to stress like that, lol), throwing everything I can at them but they keep dropping.

So, now I need to focus on making a healer build. Done some research on the forums, but all the advice I see is for more aa than I have. I am sitting on 136 aa, but I don't know where to begin to make a group healer aa set. I will continue to do research, but if anyone has a good spec you recommed, I would gladly appreciate it.

I have all my experts, 120% crit chance, 20% crit bonus, 20% potency, 40% casting speed and 15% reuse speed. 13.2k health and 11.5k power.

Thanks in advance.

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