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im specced a bit differently but somewhat similarstr : 4448agi : 46481int : 74481 this is pretty common now the difference gets out!ranger achievement tree:poisoning5 caustic 5 fettering poisons (which is still broke)5 ancillary poisons1 conservation (which got fixed the other day)trappingsnare 5immobolizing lunge 5roped shot 5focusingdance of the forest 2focus fire 5honed reflexes 5killing instinct 5extension 1multishotsearing shot 5fittest survival 5triple burst 5shower of arrows 5double arrow 1i am a raid ranger but with this setup i can solo pretty much anything altough ya dont really need AAs to solo anything as a ranger! i didnt get the pf AAs cause i got him to 80 jeweling and did the craft quest for the soltice earring which gives more then enaugh runspeed trouhgout the game also with jboots and the panic ring can get it up to 75% and it doesnt stack on top of pf so i saved 5 AAs there tried the stream of arrow lines a bit but figured it was just not worth having over the soloability stuff so removed those 5 points too! now i used to have only 4 in fettering cause it was broken but cause i never use my defensive stance anyways figured might aswell but it in there in hope of them fixing it / crosses fingers
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