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I'm a level 80 Ranger and I'm always looking for improvement.  Current build is agl>84481, Int>86441 and Wis>84 Still have 7 points to go.  Ranger side focused on Multishot, Poison and Focusing.

With doing alot of reading I was wondering on changing to the following: Agl>47481, Int>44681 and Sta>4484 to add about 1K of hit points for more survival.  The added wisdom and the deaggro is nice but if my tank has me amended, I really do not need the deaggro buff.  I use Bliss, Mental breach and Enfeebling Poison.

I was just wondering if it is basically a personal choice, or do I need to get a little more ruthless in my choices of acheivements.  Looking at the bottom line of how useful I can be in both groups and raids.


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