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Ok I did the respec by going to the Achievment Counsel in SQ coudn't see how to move the points from Ranger to Predator or vis versa so I took the points in the predator  and put them all in the Agi line to start that(except for the 1 point I needed to start the tree of course) and then all the ranger points in the mulitshot line. any new AA points will be put in Agi till I get enough in the line to put do poised then I'll move and finish the mulit shot line. should I do str or intelligence after that? Tonight I hope with the help my Guildmates plan to give me to do some heavy duty leveling to get at least 2 more AAs. maybe by the end of the month if all goes well I'll be level 50 or 60 and well on my way to keeping up with the top level guildmates I have. thank you for all your help hmm I wonder if getting that AA mirror would be worth saving for.
Nice job! You cannot move points from one tree to another. Once you place them in a tree, they are their to stay. IMHO, your AA progression might look like this:AGI>Double Shot>Extension(possibly getting their with points in root and snaring avoiding dances with trees)>Conservation>Int>Str
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