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Wodreaux says: If you have the enough AA points to fill up 2-3 lines of each tree than the build above is great.  If you are working your way up and getting one point at a time I think everyone is in agreement that AGI trump all - this is a must have and it should be your first 23 points spent.  After that is personal preference, if you group a lot I think the double attack line would be the better place to put points into - if you solo a lot I think snare, leg shot - and fettering would be a better approach assuming you have leg shot before you start putting points into it.  I actually don't have any points in defensive stance - I can still get extension and focus going snare - leg shot - focus - Killing Instincts - Honed Reflexes, it might use a few more points but I basically never went into defensive stance so that was 3 wasted points in my opinion.  I may have to solo on occasion but I will be mostly grouping with my guild mates. so I guess double shot is the way to go if I can I'll put some in the snare for when I do solo or should I  try tso get  adept 1 or better for CAs in the snare line.
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