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If you have the enough AA points to fill up 2-3 lines of each tree than the build above is great.  If you are working your way up and getting one point at a time I think everyone is in agreement that AGI trump all - this is a must have and it should be your first 23 points spent.  After that is personal preference, if you group a lot I think the double attack line would be the better place to put points into - if you solo a lot I think snare, leg shot - and fettering would be a better approach assuming you have leg shot before you start putting points into it.  I actually don't have any points in defensive stance - I can still get extension and focus going snare - leg shot - focus - Killing Instincts - Honed Reflexes, it might use a few more points but I basically never went into defensive stance so that was 3 wasted points in my opinion.  

ACT is much more than just a program that spits out your dps - it will record your fights and you can review them at the end of the night - this lets you see whats abilities are doing the most damage, how many times your getting your attacks off, how many times your missing (this helps to let you know if you need to concentrate on more gear that helps you hit mobs vs more gear to do more damage).  There are also some ‘plug-ins' that let you know when you hit something, which helps timing your autoattacks.  Parsers are much more than just a tool to show who does what damage, use them to help everyone out.  They let you see what type of damage different mobs do so that if you continuously get beat by the same mob you can develop a strategy to get around what types of damage they do - they show you what attacks the different mobs do and you can set up timers with them to let you know when those mobs will do that attack again.    

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