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Ranja wrote:
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Ranja wrote:
Like every other AA post says, do Agi first. It looks like you have your points needlessly scattered around. Repsec and put all your points in AGI. Stay in AGI until you get max crits and the final ability poise. From here, I would go to double shot in the Ranger tree, then extension, then conservation, then str and int back in the pred tree.I, like Effidian, beleive a max DPS build is the best build no matter what you do. Max DPS stuff dies faster so soloing is easier. And obviously, if you group and raid, max DPS is what you are expected to do so that is the build you ultimately want.Now, I am not saying there are other builds that are effective solo. What I am saying is that none all those other tricks you may take (animal, snare, root) do nothign for your DPS. So while you have all these new tricks, you still cant kill the mob fast enuff. We are predators. Our style is: kill quicker than can be killed.
yeah I sort of thought I'd scattered to much I can only say that I started putting things in before I came and asked about AAs the first time and my idea was Rangers were for ranged attacks so wanted to develop those.  I"ll be keeping an eye on this thread before I sign in as my Ranger next for anymore ideas. Oh and just to let you know I don't have the parser I've seen others talk about no one in our guild uses one when we group with each other. To my guild role playing and having fun are more important then dps, utility etc although they are nice we are very much a casual play at odd hours guild. but I do want to do as much damage as possible as a ranger. While I shall mostly solo and group with my guildmates i have on occasion with my Warden alt joined with a POG and may do with my ranger not sure so I don't want to come off as a complete newbie although I probably am not having reached my 1st anniversary as an EQII player.
Regarding the parser, it is called ACT. Advanced Combat Tracker. It is free and really easy to install. If you are at all interested in doing the most DPS you can, it is a great tool to have at your disposal.
thank you for all the help. I'll have to think about the parser, as my guildmates arent ot keen on basing membership or group and raid slots based dps, utility and such but on how well we work as a team. so we shall see.
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