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ChodeNode1 wrote:
[email protected] wrote:
my question to you is, Is there any kind of order to getting these? So far i don't have enough points to fill the AGI line yet, but i'm wondering if i should be putting some in the ranger tab as well.
I'd probably say do at least the AGI line first. Then perhaps getting the max poison crit in the INT line and then starting on the EoF tree in exactly the order shown would be the way to get best dps. Once you get to the Double Arrow though, would be best to pop back over to the KoS line and finish out over there.
My Guild is finally going to help me level my Ranger so I can go with them when they group for the higher end areas we got from ROK. we don't have anyone else with a Ranger. and it looks like our guilds is starting to get more unique members so that we may occasionally raid. hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be at 50 or 60 with my friends Berserker Tank. which means I hope i can get my guilds help in getting the raws so I can level her woodworking along with adventure.  So how should I respec her to get the maximum while grouping for fast leveling and still be able to do the occasional solo stuff. Here's what I have.
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