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Okay, I wanted to start a post about our AA builds and get this stickied so we'd have a reference to point people to.  There are several builds people could have; dps, solo, pvp, etc.  So, we can try to come up with a consenus on which ones are useful and get those documented.  I'm afraid I really only use a DPS build, so I'll start with that and others can contribute more builds.

DPS Build


  • AGI: 44481 (add 2 more points in this line)
  • INT: 44481 (add 2 more points in this line)
  • STR: 4448

AGI gives you ranged crits and reduced casting speed, INT gives you spell crits (poison) and intoxication, and STR gives you melee crits.  With 1 point in Bounty to start off, this consumes 69 points, and you have 1 more point to throw anywhere.


  • 5 Enhance: Caustic Poison
  • 4 Enhance: Fettering Poison
  • 5 Enhance: Ancillary Poison
  • 1 Conservation
  • 3 Enhance: Dance of the Forest
  • 5 Enhance: Focus Fire
  • 4 Enhance: Honed Reflexes
  • 5 Enhance: Killing Instinct
  • 1 Extension
  • 5 Enhance: Searing Shot
  • 5 Enhance: Fittest Survival
  • 5 Enhance: Triple Burst
  • 5 Enhance: Shower of Arrows
  • 1 Double Arrow
  • 5 Enhance: Roped Shot
  • 5 Enhance: Hawk Attack

That leaves 6 points to spend anywhere. 

(Other Specs)

Will need to wait for input from others...

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