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Actually I was thinking the same thing only in reverse, adding your "no-trade rare drop" to mine, but either way is fine. Like you said both have about half of the items in common they really should be one list. How about we put the best "quested" and best "dropped" item (if there is a better dropped one) for each slot, that we everyone will be happy with one list?

Thanks Effidian (and everyone else) for these great lists. It makes life easier for the vast majority of the rangers out there.

I merged your list into this one.  They were very close.  A couple changes I made, let me know what you think.

1) I listed Cookie's Pig Sticker instead of Anaphylaxis, because I think it gives us more.  The STR on Aanaphylaxis is nice, but the crit and DPS on the pig sticker outweighs it.  I think anyway.

2) I left the Calcified Timber Longbow off the list, because the flimflam is much better and is a quest reward. 

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