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[email protected] DLere wrote:

Now here's a question.  Just got up to 71 and am a wondering.  Is it worth my Plat to buy the lvl 72 Mastercrafted Melodious Chain armor pieces (except the hands, I have Darkened Gauntlets already for that and the haste rocks).  As I will be 72 before weeks end just want to know if I should save my 5-7 plat for other things with the expectation of questing for these items. 

On my server, incarnadine is only about 15g, so it wouldn't cost 5-7p.  Even if it did, you'll make 75p+ just doing quests and selling drops up to level 80.  So a little investment in the melodic pieces is pretty painless.  Don't buy the pieces off the broker, unless they are dirt cheap.  Buy the clusters and commission an armorer to make the pieces for you.  Buying off the broker typically costs a lot more for player made things.  You can also get a couple weapons made as well.

Lodor wrote:

For the belt slot there is the faction bought one from the reet in KJ. Also the set sleeves with the 2 RDA on them.

Which belt is that? 

I have those sleeves on my list to look at.  I need to figure out if the 2RDA is better than the things that the Yha-lei shoulders give you.  I'll probably add them as a second piece for that slot.  The no STR items are a real pain...

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