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This is an updated version of the old T7 list(  This list is intended to be the best gear you can get without raiding.  It is mainly targeted at a group setting, or stuff to get before you get replacements in raids.  For soloing, you will probably want to hang onto some of those items with healing and stun procs.  If you have suggestions for pieces, throw them out and I'll edit this list if we find better pieces.

Some points about these pieces:

  1. A haste item is really nice (I'd even say necessary).  There are 4 listed.  The Cloak of Flames, Baldric of the Di'Zok Warlord, Darkened Gauntlets, and Faceless Shield.  Items with "Haste" do *not* stack, while items with "Attack Speed" do.  Usually, "Haste" items have larger values (20ish), where Attack Speed increases are small (1-5ish).  So, make sure to wear one "Haste" item.  The Cloak of Valor is very nice for DPS, so I'd recommend against a haste cloak.
  2. Item names are linked to lootdb, so just click on them to see the item.  I just list the more important stats, however, lootdb isn't always accurate, so if what you see isn't the same as what I have listed, try linking it in game.  Because of this, I very well could have missed some items that are better than the ones listed. 
  3. Some slots have more than one item, where it wasn't clear to me which was better, or they are alternates for haste item slots.
  4. The 8 dps on the Tunare earring is really nice unless you hit the diminishing returns curve in groups you are typically in.  If you have enough dps in your typical group, then swap in one of the crit earrings. 
  5. Honoring the Master Chef has 2 good Ranger option rewards.  The chest piece, Coat of the Culinary Apprentice, and the wrist item, Wristwrap of the Culinary Apprentice.  Both are listed below, but you can only choose one.
  6. Lines in italics are alternates for pieces that are random no-trade drops.


RDA = Ranged Double AttackRC = Ranged CritCA = CA Damage


Adornment list:

Note: Make sure you use adornments of the appropriate level.   Smoldering can only be used on 70+ gear, and there are a couple pieces above that are < 70.

  • Head - Scintillating Epiphanic Imprint = 100 power
  • Cloak - Scintillating Metaphysical Lining = Flowing Thought III
  • Chest -  Smoldering Prismatic Applique = +7 to all stats
  • Shoulders - Smoldering Brawny Straps = +16 str
  • Forearms - Smoldering Savvy Splint = +16 wis
  • Gloves - Smoldering Fast Action Stitching = 2% ranged crit
  • Waist - Scintillating Fast Action Buckle = 1% ranged crit
  • Legs - Smoldering Brawny Brace = +16 str
  • Boots - Smoldering Agile Spurs = +16 agi
  • Neck - Smoldering Judicious Clasp = +12 dps
  • Ear - Smoldering Intellectual Backing = +16 int (x2)
  • Ring - Smoldering Epiphanic Polish = +100 power (x2)
  • Wrist - Smoldering Combative Fastening = +30 CA (x2) (fabled)
  • Wrist - Smoldering Brawny Fastening = +16 str (x2)
  • Primary -
  • Secondary -
  • Ranged - Smoldering Judicious Composite Gear = +12 dps (fabled)

Impetuous Strike Set (just for reference):

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