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sayitaintso wrote:
bensilvi wrote:
sayitaintso wrote:
Very early this morning (over 8 hours ago) I petitioned someone for using an exploit.....I went off to work. I just came home and the same toon is sitting in the same place exploiting the same area.....SO I tried to petition again thinking maybe they chased him off and he's stupid so he came back.... Except the first petition hasn't been handled yet so he's been there all day cheating and no one has done anything about it..... ummm so now we turn a blind eye on cheating? or don't we have anyone to answer petitions???
How do you know he is exploiting? I had a petition answered in less than an hour today.
I can see him doing it?? but it's not up to you or me to decide. I saw what I saw and it's up to SOE to investigate it.. It's PRESIDENT'S DAY in the USA, the Petitions go to INDIA....I still have not recieved an answer...
But you are presuming that they are exploiting. You wonder why your petitions are ignored.
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