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On Butcherblock I don't think I have seen them below, he is lvl 21, not 38. Even 50sp is a big deal at that level. That buys a decent bracelet, necklace or helm for that level.
I say, put it on the broker above the normal price and hope someone buys it in off peak hours when fewer people are selling. That way if you sell it you make good money, if it doesn't sell...well then you still have the spell for later.
I bet you can sell it to the merchants for more than 11sp. If that's the case, buy every one you can find and sell them all to the merchants and make a profit.
The velium torques that drop in Zek at the rate of 1000 an hour are so cheap on the brokers I am convinced you can do this. They sell for 50sp to the merchants and are being given away on the brokers.
Shhh.... don't tell anyone my new market arbitrage secret.
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