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Your Guides of Permafrost are usually out and about even though we don’t always advertise our presence here.  

This week though, there may be fewer sightings as all but one of your Guides live on the East Coast.  So far we have heard from some of them that they are ok but others we are yet to know about.  We will try and keep up with  “business as usual” to support our friends who are having a tough time. 

We also hope all of you have come through this unharmed and that our prayers and positive thoughts are with each and every one of you.

Everquest is about community – we have a wonderful community here at Permafrost!

Edited:  I have word that a fisherman is going to be in Antonica seeking those who are interested in that relaxing pastime.  Look for him around 3:00 pm (Pacific time) on November 1st!
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