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Greetings, fellow Norrathians!

The Permafrost crew are pleased to announce the return of the annual "Trick or Treat Marathon"!

Starting at midnight (Pacific Time) on Sunday, running until 11:59pm that night!

Be sure to keep Level_1-9 chat open throughout the day.

We'll be running a player favorite, "Trick or Treat" throughout Norrath, sponsoring "spooky quests" and of course, we'll be around to listen to your stories of your Nights of the Dead exploits!

Keep an ear to the ground, folks, and we look forward to seeing you!

*Note* Due to the fact that scheduling can change, all times are generalized based on PACIFIC (California, USA) timing. Note that the approximate times given are based on when the scheduled event is intended to begin. Late starts and cancellations may happen without warning/last minute. Be aware that some cancellations or time changes occur and are beyond my control, however, we will inform you of these changes in advance when/if possible. Due to the nature of some quests/events this listing may not contain all of the quests or events on "our" schedule.

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