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I highly doubt this will happen

Let's take RP. If this were REAL, here's what would happen to you. You would zone into PoM. You would start in spire island. You would NEVER make it off it because your toon has a fear of flying, chooses not to fly etc. in reality, or RP, your toon would NEVER choose to explore this realm. From an RP standpoint, it makes NO logical sense that a gamer would request a re-design. Your character would simply avoid PoM altogether.

Granted since you can float down, I can see a character finding alternative ways, but if there are NO ways to get up to the platform, then your character would either avoid them or the zone altogether. Alternatively, RP with a conj who doensn't mind flying and have them COH you up. Then neither of you break RP. I dont consider COH a right now thing. In MANY MMOs, mages can teleport people to them or they can port to others. Teleporting in EQ/EQ2 has been a way of life and part of the universe, and people WOULD teleport if norrath were real. so I dont buy the argument that teleport breaks or ruins the immersion. I CAN see how the bell might or fast travel, but a clever RPer could find a way to incorporate that as well Smile

Now outside of RP , and on to real life. No WAY DBG is going to devote hours to adding a ramp to go up 2000 ft into the air to accommodate RP.

They may at "little" things, but they are not going to alter the landscape. My suggestion: That in the RP universe your character learns to like flying in areas where they have no choice, or whatever you need to alter within them to fit into the "laws" of the universe you RP in
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