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Fights should be some where between you just die, and hey pull then go take a bath come back and do the next pull.
The issue is that these mobs are not hard they just take forever to die, making them a tedious task. This is not a raid boss where you have to work for 5-10 minutes to kill it. This is a pull go do something else and come back.
I watched tv shows and got up and took a shower to clear these mobs, the time it takes to kill them is to long. Reduce there HP and make them more of challenge like bosses in solo instances(not that those are partially hard but at least then people would have to try and the fights would not be just masive sinks), and people would enjoy it more.

Fights that take to long and it does not matter if players are at the key board or not are just going to get people upset, and lead to rage quit.
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