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Quest name: Legacy of Power: Hero's Devotion / Legacy of Power: An Innovative Approach
Quest journal text:
Zone name:Coliseum of Valor / Masks of the Marvelous (solo)
Running my accounts thru the sig line and found these 2 zones to be quite a pain. As stated, above the 'An Ichorfeather Acolytes' take forever to kill, even with 2 toons, with epics, 1 in t2 ka raid gear and master + ascensions.
Second zone, Masks of the Marvelous was even more confusing. My swash with epic 2 and beta gear was dying in seconds even with the ' Fount of Power' buff running. My illy, however, with epic 2 and t2 raid gear had no problems and never came close to dying. Is the resolve check for these instances that wide or is it due to boxing toons??

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