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So, some people obviously don't understand how important maintaining your character's appearance is when it comes to roleplay, so let me just say this...if the devs would 'fix' it so that a person can maintain their illusion even while mounted...problem resolved. Popping out of your illusion in order to fly when trying to maintain consistency with your characters in a roleplay environment simply isn't possible under the current circumstances of the game, with flight being so all-important as many of you stated, and doesn't provide a friendly environment to those who like to roleplay.

This is an easy fix that should have been considered when creating said illusions, and I can completely understand Ceyarrecks reluctance to use flight because of this. I say easy fix, because there are already some illusions which do allow you to maintain them while mounted...such as the currently available Pickclaw goblin illusion from the NotD merchant, which I enjoy using on occasion for the cute and funny antics my character can perform while in this illusion form.

It would simply be a matter of taking the current coding from these illusions that do allow you to maintain the illusion while mounted, and transferring said coding to the illusions that do not currently allow you to maintain them while mounted. In Ceyarrecks case, this would be the Burynai illusion forms for his characters. As a measure of goodwill, I know that Ceyarrecks would greatly appreciate, as would I, if the devs would fix this illusion form so he can maintain his Burynai form while mounted.

As a measure of goodwill towards all their customer base, it would be nice if they would 'fix' all the illusions in the game which do not currently allow you to maintain them while mounted. I realize to change all the illusions would take some time and with such limited staff, they may not be able to justify the time it would require, but to change one illusion would only take seconds, and knowing which illusion that is should only help to speed up the process, which is why I make mention of it here, in hopes that some dev somewhere will be kind and considerate enough to make this change. Thank you!
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