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im really struggling on my my friend helped on last name first advanced solo on his assassin and killed it before it even ported and we had no healer, three mobs before that was mezz right kill left, kill right and then kill last one but this took me hours to the point i felt like crying at the keyboard, the healer merc sucks to the point it isnt worth putting on, i have no doubt i would do these on my dps toons (necro, ranger etc) but wanted to do it on my main which is coercer

the problem will always be the same the zones are going to be easy for high dps toons, or ones that can heal, but the toons that need a healer merc and dont have t1 dps are going to struggle, the mercs need help or the lower class dps need help, tbh if it goes live like it is i dont think i will be playing alot apart from raid
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