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I have on a mix of quest/AS gear, all new jewelry.. all of it maxed on infusions. Everything is adorned and properly reforged. Running about 200K resists, 1.8 million HP.

There are just some advanced solos that I CANNOT complete. The merc, even on passive, gets instant aggro (with me pulling) and its an act of god to get the mobs off of them even for just a moment. The merc gets pummeled, then I get pummeled.

This has been the pattern with healer mercs (I've tried Kluron and the ratonga fury) and the paladin merc (Lady whazzername).

It's that same situation as with AoM in beta. You need the AS gear to do AS zones unless you're a healer.

If there aren't a few changes, I'm going to have to 2 box AS zones with my warden :S
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