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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

I agree with the range issues on the group application parts of Faith. I noticed the same thing. It really does need to have a larger radius, for both coverage and application of the buff afterwards.

Cyrdemac, the only people who should be using the right are tertiary tanks or people who have trivialized the content. For example, 6 months from now, I might switch to the right side just to post some cool DPS parses and stuff.

Unfortunately, because Devout Sacrament is one of THE most important tools we have access to, you can't make the right side desirable for a primary offtank without it being overpowered.

Such is the result of linking the old and new prestige trees. I've been trying and trying to get separation after the conversion considered, but haven't even got a response to it. It probably won't happen any time soon.

yep, so it seems

but portable mirror would be cool

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