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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

It basically needed to happen. I was having it hit for almost 2 mil in raids. With a 10 second recast, and making up more than 20% of my DPS.. it was too much.

When you're a defensive minded offtank and you're seriously considering giving up the entire left side, there's a problem. Especially with as powerful as our left side can be under the right circumstances.

If we don't mention the obviously broken stuff, we can't really expect feedback to be taken seriously. I don't know how it balances against the other tanks DPS lines, but I do know that we have one of the most desirable defensive lines going into this expansion. It's a little unfair to expect the best of both worlds.

As long as it wasn't reduced by more than 15%, it will still offer desirable DPS gain for offtanks who choose to go that route. Anything more than 15% and no one will want to take it without the supporting prestiges being made better.  I hope they didn't reduce the damage on Divine Territory as well. And from a few minutes of testing, it seems like it all works out fine. Especially with the max health group buff attached.

I still don't really understand what putting points into "Divine Territory" does, besides grant a little bit of dps/haste gain. Seems silly.

With that said, however, my experiences with the raid content in this expansion leads me to believe that the situations in which "Faith" will be powerful are few and far between. No big death touches, no huge AOEs, and only a few failure conditions that can be manipulated. I really hope I haven't seen enough to complain, because a reflect based ability is heavily hinged on the content it's used in. Reflect aside, even 4 seconds of damage immunity is situational. I hope those situations arise more often than I expect.

In my experiance raids on beta should be taken with a pinch of salt. often the incoming damage is MUCH higher on live (sometimes as much as double or tripple) and AoEs which barely tickled on beta will one-shot the raid on live. Remember they want us to test the scripts of raids not to spend most of our time repairing SMILEY I'm guessing there will be a lot of opportunity for faith to become very useful.

I just wish that the range for the DR reflect and damage triggers was taken to AT LEAST max healing range (25m?) so the group is given the option of staying or jousting away entirely; less than 10m range from the mob often ends  up taking SIGNIFICANTLY more daage even including the 26% DR.

If group members are that close they will be AoE immune making the reflect/damage triggers worthless.

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