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I'm experiencing the opposite, honestly. The only time I have mana problems is when taking death touches on top of power drains and often. Having consecrate tick for power when I need it has been far more useful than being given a small amount of power when I hit zero.

No control over the old effect was the major problem with it. In addition to it being "overpowered" in solo and group situations. Plus, it makes Mana wall more viable because you can tick up extra power before using it, opposed to simply "recovering" from zero.

While consecrate is up with this prestige, you'll always have power to click something. With the old version, you'd have power for a second or two and then be out again. In practice, the new version is much better.

While I do feel like the power replenish is kind of low on consecrate currently, I have actually had a lot of success with this AA in the new raid zones, and I know it will work better in plane of war. Plus, consecrate cancelling when you hit zero power has to be one of the most annoying things in the universe.


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