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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

Zealous Power - Consecrate ticks for 1.5% max power and doesn't cancel at zero.

After testing: This was changed. Theoretically, this is a much better power tool. Maybe a little less powerful, but a lot less situational.

Actually, I find this new version worse than the static one, wich our fellow Shadowknights still have. The recast for Consecrate is too long (more than 3 minutes) to be useful against heavy manadrains from named raid encounters. I rather have a passive mana reg ever 30 sec when I get low than having to wait 3 minutes to use this spell.

Might be a Coercer thing, but I still have a lot of mana problems on PoW encounters like Tagrin. And since everything coming from nameds there has a massive manadrain attached, I really liked the old version of Zealous Power more.

If this version stays, lower the recast of the spell per se or via AA line in the Paladin tab.

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