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With the proper AA setup and decent gear, yes you can. I solo everything from Veeshan's Peak(with the exception of Hoshkar and Silverwing) to Pools, to Ascent, and I can do a fair chunk of Iceshard Keep. Your mystic will kill a little slower in comparison to other classes, but...meh. It gets the job done. On another note, I don't run with a tank mercenary when I solo. I run with a ranger. Mostly because at my level of gear, its actually easier to keep myself alive and kill the mob than it is to try and keep the merc alive. The ranger is okay added DPS- more than the tank.

i normally run one of the 2 bards or the necro as it can be easy to peel all the tank mercs except the pally and at higher gear lvls you will tank  better then a merc. dirge is nice for melee buffs at higher lvls. the bonecaster's dps is on par with other dps mercs and useful as a back-up healer as it will do more heals then most of the healer mercs. the troub is nice at lower lvls for the jcap.

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