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latesttoon wrote:

in logs of fights.. just 2 in the group. necro and warlock

but only sparsley.. like 2 or 3 spells.. i thinkits probably just high cast speed..

i have plenty of logs.. 

the parse just shows spell multi in ACT.. random spells and random times

high cast speed does increase pvp spell multi attack...

but i was also thinking that there used to be a spell multiattack blue adorn.. but after examing their gear they don't have it, unless it's swapped out...

i also thought (could be halucinating).. that there was once a pot/potion or something that had 2 pvp spelll multi attack on.. this could be an halucination i had.. maybe on the pvp merchant..  

For the necro, you say one or two spells. . . . would that be lifetap?  They have prestige that makes that spell double hit.

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