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latesttoon wrote:

I'm curious as how the guild DNIWA manages double attacks on spells.. possibly casting speed

having high ability cast speed DOES increase "PvP Spell Double Attack".. but it is very negligible..

I did reforge all my gear into it to test, but it's difficult to get past a percent or 2.

I would hope that time warp is fixed.. i feel bad for an Illu in group pvp when the enemy has a troub

The entire guild or just 1 or 2 people?  If you could provide a parse we might be better able to answer your question. 

Yes, I know parse logs can be abused but generally I am the type of person that tries to give everyone the benefit of the doubt before assuming false/misleading information on purpose.  Parses please with timestamps or it just did not happen (we will assume the log is accurate until otherwise shown to be misleading).

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