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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

If it's hitting that hard, it needs to be nerfed unfortunately :/ that's a little much. And that's probably about what it does with debuffs in raid. I was testing on a dummy.

1 mil damage every 10 seconds is just too high. That's like, 20% of our dps on single target. The line can be made desirable by boosting the rest of the stuff if necessary, but that's a huge amount of damage for one ability.

Sadly this ability is not going to be used much at all; in fact the only time I see this being used is if you are a herioc tank or you KNOW you are never going to need the DR from Sacrament.

I mean if it was a choice betwene this AoE bomb or a 4s Damage immunity it may actually be a tough choice; sadly this is more a choice between the ability to actually survive in raids / tough instances  or having fun on the parse.... the second may be fun once in a whlie but sadly there is little choice in the end.

This will not effect me personally; but other paladins who will spend more time in a OT / AoE tank role they will be forced to give up certain aspects of the previous prestigues (thus reducing their ability to survive) if they want to get access to the AoE ability.

If you make it so accessing the "final tier" in the previous prestiges unlocks ANY path of this set of prestigues it would improve almost every class; currently many classes are forced down one path simply because of previous abilities that is no choice at all it is simply a question of "oh, well I can't give that ability up"; our previous choices remove the choice for this level increase.

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