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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

DeathMagus wrote:

First off... You're welcome.  

Second... Have you actually tested the ability in Beta by reflecting a Red text ability or a DT yet?  If not I'd start with something easy to get to like the drake in Sev x4.  Just wait for the mob to do Vicious Bite and try reflecting it.  

Third... If the only real viable complaints about the ability relate to the dmg output then why not ask for something instead of the dmg output as an alternative to simply increasing it?

Also... I did say a bit of extra damage... I don't have a geared lvl 95 pally on beta to go test how the dmg portion was actually implemented.  

There are quite a few problems with everything you just said. 

For one, red text failure conditions in hard content apply incurable, ticking effects that span well over a 3 second window. Meaning, as soon as immunity wears off.. bam. Dead.

Additionally, If you've done any real content this expansion, you'd know death touches apply in 2 parts. The first major damage infliction, and a follow up max health hit 6 seconds later. This means we CAN'T even block an entire deathtouch with it.

Even with neither of those things being true, this ability reflects in the same fashion as Legionnaire's conviction. Completely unmodifiable damage. Saying that I haven't tested it, which I have, doesn't mean I can't infer it's usefulness after using an extremely similar ability for the past 2 years.

In an ideal situation, you'd be able to use this ability to span 2 effects.. the end of a death touch and an AOE lining up at the same time. (Assuming the death touch isn't no hostile / no beneficial / stun / stifle etc.. which they usually are) Even in that situation, the reflect would only do between 200k and 300k damage. And that's in a perfect scenario WITH me intentionally taking both effects.

My auto attack hits harder than that.

The idea of a reflect is nice. But there's no reason to put a reflect portion on it, or create a group buff around an effect that is simply not significant or even noticeable.

At least make the group proc fully modifiable. Crit, crit bonus, potency.. everything. Then maybe it will turn out alright.

Some red texts don't apply the incurable that keeps ticking.  An example is the last named HM in ST....   Now if it is unmodifiable like LC is now then it's probably going to be nigh worthless for dmg.  But hell even if it was only a 3 sec stoneskin vs all dmg it'd be plenty useful.  If you tried to say it'd be too hard to time then that's because you're either using a lackluster computer, you play on a server like Oasis that tends to lag like hell, or you're simply not very good at pushing buttons.  

Also, if you can't work around the DTs in PoW on a pally with 2 healers as of right now then something is wrong.  

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