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I agree with SOME of what Buffrat is saying. Here a few few points I would disagree with. Mainly in regards to Sol Ro, Tribunal and Ashanti Sul.

1) Sol Ro is a pretty good general deity for any dps class. Incinerate used to based off INT only, but is now based off any classes primary stat. It hit's like a truck but has a long recast.

2) I would never put Sol Ro on a chanter. The little bit of elemental damage does almost nothing to a parse when the class is primarily crushing and mental damage.

3) Dirges specifically should always go Sol Ro. Throw Incinerate into your Rythmatic Overature lineup and you give your group a proc that hits like no other buff in the game.

4) Brawlers should always go Rallos Zek for several reasons. But if you raid on your brawler you are most likely an off tank. The extra death prevent is a God sent (pun intended).

5) Conjurors Sol Ro, Necros Ashanti Sul. This is important because of the damage type that they deal and it's increased zonewide parse potential.

Finally I would suggest that those people that always hated Freeport as much as I have, should go give it another try. Every zone amenity is convieniently located at the docks since the revamp. It's much easier to navigate now and worthy of a second chance. If this is the only thing keeping you away from an evil deity then perhaps its worth checking out!

Choosing a deity is not an end all be all. Certain situations require a specific deity just to adjust to your particular play style or raid set up. If for example, your often stuck in group 4 without sufficient heals, consider Rallos Zek until that situation is rectified. Now switch! Choosing a deity should be a fun addition to any class. Regardless of which one you select, there is no perfect answer and there will never be a deity miracle that is a game changer for your class. Choose it for utility or a few extra points on your zonewide parse but dont be burdened with ridicule because someone doesnt understand your deity choice.

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