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Your deity guide is pretty far off in some areas. Only deity a dps scout should consider is Anashti Sul (Hand of Death, Deadly Rampage). If they can't/won't go evil to get it then Solusek Ro (Servant of Flame, Incinerate) is second best. Bards should get Rallos Zek (Rallos' Devastation), Warlocks/Necros should get Bertox (Touch of Decay, Bertox's Curse), Wizards Anashti Sul (Hand of Death, Undying Fury), Conjurors Solusek Ro (Servant of Flame, Incinerate), Chanters Solusek Ro (Servant of Flame, Incinerate), Healers Rodcet Nife (Healing Prayers, Devout Healing/Armor of Faith) (or Karana (Tempest or Breath of Karana) if can't/won't betray) defensively, Sul (HoD)/Ro(SoF) offensively. Fighters shouldn't bother with anything but Tribunal (Scales of Justice) or Bristlebane (Mischief Maker/Deck of the King's Court, Swindle Fate), defensively. Offensively, Sul, Zek, Ro. (Or Bertox for SKs)

I am curious why you think Bristlebane is arguably the best for scouts, though. Or why Quellious is better for a scout that needs hate reduciton as opposed to Rodcet Nife.

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