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I was going to ask which Merc works best with a Mystic. I have a little 36 Mystic that is an alt. I don't play him often - he's my tradeskill Alchemist alt, for making poisons and potions - but might decide to run old content with him and a merc.

My main is a ranger. I use a Paladin merc with him. And I'm quite impressed with the Paladin merc (except for the fact he never heals himself.)

Anyways Mystics use Wards primarily for healing. Wards "protect" from getting hit, so that means a Berserker merc would be out of the question. And I would think other Tank mercs have a few CAs which rely on being hit to proc various effects. I was think of buying the Bruiser merc.

Would that be an effective pair? Bruiser merc with a mystic?

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