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My very very favorite spot to start on safe fall with a new scout is Gorowyn Beach.  Once you zone into the Gorowyn docks turn right off the docks and swim around the embankment until you reach a little beach alcove with a small pool toward one side.  You'll know you're in the right place if you see a lot of red and blue level 20 Haoaeran venturers wandering about.  I like it because it's an easy spot to get to from anywhere, is safe for both good and evil aligned folks, and even the lowest level newbies can spend all the time they need there since those Haoaeran bird guys are non-agro. 

Once you arrive at the alcove, go over to the little pool and turn so you face the pool with the cliff wall nearest it at your back.  Then simply back up the wall and jump off, making sure not to land in the water.  Once you hit the ground, back up the wall again, and jump again.  Rinse and repeat as needed.

The great thing about this spot is you can fine tune exactly how high you need to back up the cliff wall before jumping off, depending on how high your safe fall skill is.  At first you go up the wall just a little and jump; then up higher and jump as your safe fall increases.   And the best thing about this spot is you never have to take a teleporter, grab a lift or even turn around!  Just back up and jump, back up and jump, back up and jump!  You should be able to get your safe fall at least over 100 before the spot trivials out for you.

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