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ZUES wrote:

And you make a valid point. It should be earned. Remember when T3 halls came out? 500 plat was insane back then and the status required made it very hard to aquire for many guilds. Now I have friends with alt guilds in T3 halls. There is no feeling of accomplishment. Your no prouder to be part of a guild that has a T3 guild hall than you would be if the leader bought it via station cash. I do agree with you on that point. It would be a good feeling to be proud of your hard earned guild hall.

I almost forgot about status, a few nice unique GH's for say 15 million GSP and 5K or so plat would be fine as well. 150 Million status is really not that much for 24 people to amass, probably be better for it to be 25 mil or more but there would be an outcry of 'unfair' at 15 anyway.

I remember having 3 writ nights per week in the sinking sands where 3-4 sometimes more groups were cranking them out as quick as possible trying to get the guild to 60.

All actions have consequences and repercussions.

Somewhere in Norrath a guild is about to dissolve.
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