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And you make a valid point. It should be earned. Remember when T3 halls came out? 500 plat was insane back then and the status required made it very hard to aquire for many guilds. Now I have friends with alt guilds in T3 halls. There is no feeling of accomplishment. Your no prouder to be part of a guild that has a T3 guild hall than you would be if the leader bought it via station cash. I do agree with you on that point. It would be a good feeling to be proud of your hard earned guild hall.

But lets be honest, this game is coming to a close soon. The population is substantially losing bodies on a daily basis. New games like SWTOR are going to have even more of an impact. Servers will be merged again and so on. Lets say hypothetically that hard mode statue of RZ drops a highly sought after guild hall, it would not be available to 90% of EQ2ers for another year perhaps. I'm sick of our guild hall and would love a much faster solution. If my guild is not capable of downing HM RZ due to recruitment, gearing up new peeps and all the other modern day guild struggles we face in this half abandoned game, our retention and morale is at risk because the things that could make this game better are out of our reach. And there's no question that they would be if only certain uber-hard mobs dropped it.

I just want something new and exciting. A guild hall does not make or break the game. But it does in fact make it more enjoyable to have a cool metting place for guildies. Not to mention that exciting new decorating feeling that you get when purchasing a new house or guild hall. It will help commerce in the game with carpy's and perhaps the extra SOE income generated could provide more devs to answer our requests and concerns. By the way, stop assuming 4 or 5 devs only work on station cash items because thats not true. Areas that need fixed are not even in the specialty field of some of those people giving us these weekly items. There are people for that but dont get me wrong, there needs to be MORE devs period.

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