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I'm a raider and have completed all easy mode and a chunk of the hardmode content. There's no disdain and I can't see how you could assume that. Dropping a guild hall or house off an npc is just... dumb. And it WILL promote SLR because a guild can only have one guild hall at a time. Alt guilds, sure, but you and I both know auction channel will be spammed with guild halls/houses if they did that.

Look, I have nothing against station cash. I pay to play and enjoy the game. How a company decides to make money is entriely up to them.

1. I just want new guild halls.2. I see more opportunity in the existing houses being sold as station cash.3. Another new currency to purchase guild halls is a bad idea. We have too many currencies as it is.4. It's logical for SOE to capitalize off what players want. It's just good business.5. I don't mind spending more money to make my game more enjoyable.

So that's it in a nutshell. I'm just suggesting a creative alternative. It's not my decision to make so don't be hatin. ; )

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