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ZUES wrote:

Making guild halls drop in raids would be a mistake. A guild revisits a raid the following week and it drops again, now what? This promotes SLR and negates the intended purpose of raiding in the first place.

Come back and let us know when you are capable of killing Tormax, then come back and let us know when you get Crysta to drop much less drop back to back weeks. Making a GH a raid drop does not promote SLR and if it were made rare like I suggested someone on the raid force would probably gobble up the second one for an alt guild. It seems that you do not raid and have a bit of disdain for players that do, though you attempt to mask it.

It is possible to install a token system that drops a particualr item or currency that can in turn be used to purchase guild halls. But dont we have enough currencies as it is?

No this would go against what I suggested if you want the ToRZ GH then you beat statue and get lucky enough to get the drop, you don't farm tokens from easier mobs over and over until you have enough to buy it

Station cash is a logical choice. What would be nice is the ability for individual members to deposit station cash in the guild hall door if something like this would be expensive.

SC is the logical (read - desirable) choice for the cannot's.

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