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There is already to much stuff on SC that should not be there.  SC should be FLUFF only items.

1) Apperance items with ZERO stats

2) Character service such as name change, race change, gender change, and transfer tokens.

Mounts, houses and furniture should not be on SC.

Before the SC fanboy start in please read what I have to say.

All mounts should be questable or dropped in game.  If it has stats even the +5 this and that than it effects game play period.  Before the its only +5 well what if it was +5 crit mit that would be a big advantage then huh.... +5 to any stat raises your chance to do anything in the game.  For a min maxer it could be the diff of hey if I use this moutn it gives me +5 to my slash which puts it at cap so I can use this piece of gear that has +10 haste instead of the one that has +15 slash ( putting me 10 over the cap ) and cap my haste also.  Which means I can run crit chance andorns instead of +haste adorns.  Game changing no matter how you look at it people ( granted it may be over simplified there but trying to keep it that way so even some of the denser people can get it )

Houses should be questable, dropped or purchasable in game with in game money/status.  The sale of rent free houses has reduced the sale of status redux items as there is little need for them with all the ""free"" houses.

Furniture should be craftable with status redux on it period.  The sale of better looking furniture on SC has taken away from the ingame market.  The biggest selling items are the items that only come around with the city festivals and holiday items that are gotten from doing repetable quests.

If you do not agree with this that is fine this is how I see it though. 

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