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agnott wrote:

I don't why it's a problem for you for people to come up with new ideas for a company to charge them more money.

I mean just today i called Verizon and ask them to charge me 10 bucks more a month if they can send phone bills with Bugs Bunny on them.

It's not a problem for me for companies to do that, putting items into the SC shop led to the road to where players and SOE are willing to look the other way if the plat is bought directly from SOE by inserting the person buying the plat in the middle and clicking the send gift button. There are 3 types those that think it is a good idea to circumvent the TOS through a laundering process, those that do not care and whatever ones have left the game that don't like it, that's it.

With all the massive fail that they continue to unleash on us on the live servers, week after week, patch after patch things months old untouched, some not even acknowledged, the fail spire/ring event, the HH bugged for the release of the Halloween event, I just think it might be a good idea for them to introduce some more rare drops in the game and a GH is something perfect for a raid drop, they can put some mounts that are at least 75% weaker than Crytsa scattered around as well idc. The quality of the workmanship coming out of SOE continues to spiral downward, there is communication only on issues they choose, some of the ones they initiate never get revisited.

All actions have consequences and repercussions.

Somewhere in Norrath a guild is about to dissolve.
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