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Depends, wouldn't be up to me, sure if you got a second one you'd probably sell it. Put it on the SC shop and people will buy it with BLATANT REAL MONEY BEING USED TO BUY PLAT, so neither one is any different than the other in that regard. I don't know you are not capable of viewing it indifferently, you know without your comtempt for 'those filthy raiders' but whatever.

At least here they would be putting something special into the game that has to be earned by something being accomplished.

- Edited because some people just do not get it.

I don't why it's a problem for you for people to come up with new ideas for a company to charge them more money.

I mean just today i called Verizon and ask them to charge me 10 bucks more a month if they can send phone bills with Bugs Bunny on them.

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