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I dont think its possible to create station cash guild halls because stations cash equals OWNED by an individual. It is the same reason most station cash and LON items are heirloom and not placeable in guild halls, but 100x worse since at least you can retrieve a painting placed in a guild hall via petition or pick it up in the home/guild hall.

You cant claim a house. It is linked to an account. Guild halls are not linked to individuals.

I don't see this as an issue. One, you can already gift items to other people. Once that item is gifted to them, you have absolutely no say in what happens with that item - even if it's summarily deleted. So instead of being gifted to a person, a guild hall could be gifted to the guild itself. Possibly with the hall reverting to the purchaser if the guild itself dissolves completely.

Secondly, you can already buy guild rename potions on the station store. Say that you're a leader, and you buy the guild rename potion. You change the name to something incredibly idiotic that the rest of the guild can't stand. So your rank is taken away from you, and another person at that rank gets another potion and changes the name again. (admittedly, I don't know the cooldown for this, or whether it can be used more than once) I don't think that you would have any basis for getting your money back in that situation - or at least the potion.

It might be annoying to not get the hall back instantly if you left, but this is definitely a case of Caveat Emptor, just as it is with gifting or guild rename potions. If you can't deal with the loss, then you should reconsider your priorities and maybe not buy it in the first place.

PS who told you that LON/Station items aren't placeable in guild halls? There's a couple of guild halls I know of that are packed with both varieties of items - my own items included.

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