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They have already said that PvE is their main focus and they will get to PvP when they can.

Can someone dig this up and tell me when and how they stated this.  Obviously it's true, but I want so see the actual SoE statement acknowledging it.  PvE has Battle Grounds... that is where we need to drive our PvP requests.  But the continues housing and station market junk being rammed down our throats without any priority given to fixing PVP/Battle Grounds is just beyond ridiculous. 

Forget PvP combat issues... look at the Battle Ground match maker.  I again found myself joining in the middle on no side (bug) last night.  How long does it take to freak'n fix an obvious bug?  Are we going on month 3 or 4 of this?

... and just for another reminder, currently (live) two of my four PvP Blue Adornments don't work at all.  That's a confirmed copy/paste effect from PvE with zero PvP testing.  Heck, that's not even examing the spell to see the adorment work (5 seconds at most worth of work?).  The items were specifically released for PvP...  good lord

The PvP issues are known and will be worked on "when time allows".


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