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Ayaka wrote:

noooo! sad to hear.. was always fun to fight you, Exur.

oops, this wasn't intended as a good bye post. I'm to stubborn and set in my ways to quit MMOs or realistically switch. What I do know is I waist $ on new ones, play for a week and then come back. The above was a vent that I did cause I wasn't happy with something.

My point of this thread was that I'm frustrated with how things have gone as of late. I mean, at the end of SF... were things really all that bad? I had high hopes for the changes, cause it meant better balance and better/easier testing. It just seems like again, nothing is tested. How do you not see global broken base damage/potency increase AA's? How do you not see that 2 of the 4 Blue Adornments you created specifically for PvP, don't actually work (Illusionist). If that's not a sign that you just copy/pasted effects from raid adorns without testing them in PvP... I'm not sure what is.

so, I'm ok with them finally being fixed.. but adding more DPS to PvP combat isn't really what is needed most. Anyway, good times.

The PvP issues are known and will be worked on "when time allows".


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